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UNP Iron

Selling Iron UNP Competitive Prices. PT. Synergy Jayatama, the most complete and cheapest iron supplier provides UNP iron in various brands, types and sizes. UNP iron is a long iron that has a shape like the letter U which is usually used as a wall covering (girts), cover the roof holder (purine), and the construction component frame. Iron made of strong and sturdy steel is also known as the U Channel, U Profile or U-Channel. Looking for the most complete UNP iron size? Contact now through our UNP iron sales center in Indonesia which provides iron products with the latest & best iron prices.

Selling UNP 125 and 150 Full

PT. Synergy Jayatama sells Iron UNP Channels from various brands such as Krakatau Steel and Master Steel. In addition, we also provide types of Iron UNP Import. In the market, the UNP canal iron has a standard length of 6 meters. We sell UNP 125 and 150 Full, for more complete specifications please contact us.
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