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Sell Pipe Flanges

Flange is a method for connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a piping system. It also provides easy access to cleaning, inspection or modification. Flanges are usually welded or screwed. Flanged joints are made by uniting two flanges with gasket between them to provide a seal. PT. Jayatama Synergy Sells Flange Pipes with the types that are generally on the market, namely:

The types of flanges most commonly used in Petro and the chemical industry are:
- Welding Neck Flange
- Slip On Flange
- Socket Weld Flange
- Lap Joint Flange
- Threaded Flange
- Blind Flange

The most widely used special flanges are:
- Orifice Flanges
- Long Welding Neck Flanges
- Weldoflange / Nipoflange
- Flange Expander
- Reducing Flange

PT. Jayatama Synergy Selling Flanges Pipes are manufactured in all different materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastic, etc. But the most widely used material is forged carbon steel and has a machined surface. In addition, Flange Pipes, such as fittings and pipes, for certain purposes are sometimes internally equipped with layers of material with a quality that is completely different from the flange itself, which is a "flange lined". Flange material, basically arranged during pipe selection, in many cases, the flange has the same material as the pipe.

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