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Selling various types of Boiler Pipes and Types. PT Synergy Jayatama sells boiler pipes which are a part of Boiler Equipment. Boilers are classified into two types namely fire pipe boilers and water pipe boilers. If a fire pipe boiler is for industries that require relatively low vapor pressure, water pipe boilers are for industries that require high steam pressure.
Large-scale boilers are formed from pipes (tubing) measuring between 25 mm to 100 mm. The characteristics of a good boiler pipe are:
- has a special material design and shape that must withstand extreme temperature differences between the combustion chamber and the water / water vapor flowing in it
- boiler pipe material is a good conductor of heat, so heat transfer from the combustion process to water / water vapor can be effective.
We sell boiler pipes of various types at competitive prices that can be applied to boiler systems with the following types:
- Pipe SA 213 T9
- SA pipe 213 T11
- ASME SA213 pipe T22
- ASTM SA-335 P11 pipe
- API Pipe 5L GR X42
- Alloy Steel Pipe
- ASTM pipe A333 GR 6
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