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Selling Stainless Steel Pipes at Competitive Prices. PT. Synergy Jayatama, the most complete industrial pipe supplier sells stainless steel pipes with various brands, types and sizes. Stainless Steel Pipe is a type of pipe made of stainless steel material that is widely used for industrial needs appliances. Based on the form, manufacture and function there are various types of stainless steel pipes, namely seamless pipes, welded pipes, hollow pipes, round pipes, tubing pipes, square pipes, cement lining pipes and others. All pipes that we sell meet international quality standards, which are based on ASTM and ASME. Stainless steel is a type of steel that is resistant to the effects of oxidation. This metal is the result of a combination of several types of metals with certain compositions. From the metal alloy, new metals with characteristics or characteristics which are superior to the previous metal elements are obtained. Stainless steel pipe is a pipe that is stainless, with hardness and high strength. Looking for stainless steel pipes that fit your industry? Contact now through our complete stainless steel pipe sales center with competitive prices.
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