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Selling sheet plates

PT. Jayatama Synergy Selling Sheet Plate, is a sheet-shaped raw material commonly used to make various types of equipment and supplies. Industries that generally use sheet plates as raw material, namely the machinery industry, vehicle bodies, transportation equipment, and also do not miss the needs of household appliances also use the raw material of the sheet plate. The surface of the sheet plate also has various types, including: smooth surface and wavy surface. PT. Jayatama Synergy Sell Corrugated type sheet plate is often called a landing plate, has a certain line pattern on its surface which is generally applied to stairs or footing at the TransJakarta busway stop.

PT. Synergy Jayatama sells various types of sheet plates. In general markets circulating include:
- Bordes plate
- Hot Rolled Coil
- Bondek Cor Plate
- Ship Plate
- Coil plate
- Hardox plate
- Abrex plate
- Corten Steel plate

The use of these plates is usually for:
- General & Welding Construction
- Pipes & Tubes,
- Automotive Components & Frames
- Pipeline for Oil & Gas
- Casing and Tubing of Oil Well Pipes
- Weather Corrosion Resistant Steel
- Rerolling
- Gas cylinders
- Ship Construction
- Boiler & Pressurized Container

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