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Stainless Steel Plate

Selling Stainless Steel Plates at the best price from PT. Synergy Jayatama. We, the most complete supplier of iron and steel plates, sell stainless steel plates of the type, shape, grade and size. Stainless steel plate is a type of plate made of stainless steel material that is much needed in industrial needs as well as for household appliances. The applications include: Automotive, Interior, Exterior, Hospital Equipment, Kitchen Equipment. etc. Stainless steel plate has good resistance to the corrosion environment, which is easy to cut, bend or weld so that it will facilitate the work. Looking for price lists of stainless steel plates for your industry? Contact us now through our most complete stainless steel plate sales center at competitive prices.

Sell ​​Plate A36 SS 400

Stainless Steel Plate STM A36 is a plate made of low carbon steel material (low carbon) which is usually used as fabrication or construction materials. Plate A36 SS 400 has a hardness that is strong enough so that it is easy for welding treatment and suitable to be used as a base material for the galvanized process. We sell Plate A36 SS 400 for various applications including: Base Plate, Cabinet, Housing, Construction, Pipe & Tubing, etc.
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