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Selling WF HBeam CNP Cut To Length

CNP channel iron is iron that can be considered to have a long size, where the iron channel has a shape like the letter C. CNP channel iron is used in the construction field as a roof truss, industrial sector, automotive sector, etc.
We provide CNP Cut or CNP Cut to Length iron for construction material needs in various sizes on request. Selling WF HBeam CNP Cut To Length with the following sizes:
*) Size 75
This size is among the smallest with legs whose size is 45 mm. In fact, this size will be 42 mm (in accordance with JIS) full, 35 mm and also 27 m.
*) 50 foot size
The size of this leg has a span of size ranging from 100 to 150 mm. In reality, the size of the 50 foot is divided into 4 size categories, namely 50 mm (according to JIS) full, 47 mm according to SNI, 43 mm (class A), and also 35 mm (class B).
*) Foot size 65
This size only has a container range of 150 mm in size. In reality, this foot size is divided into 3 categories. Some of the size categories are 63 mm (according to SNI), 57 mm (grade A), and also 55 mm (grade B).
*) Size 200
This cnp c channel iron foot is 75 mm in size which is divided into 2, which is 72 mm (according to JIS) and 67 mm.
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