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Medium Voltage Motor Control Center
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Specification of

Central Voltage Motor Control Center
With medium voltage control, you have the highest performance and highest. We offer key features to reduce demand on your system and your motor, and the lifetime of your equipment. Unique user-friendly design and construction provides easy access to controls, information, programmable and disclosed information, and alternatives to contacts, Metal-Clad Construction certified to provide maximum circuit and solution.
Many 1- and 2-high configurations match the latest curved standard that offers up to 50% space above the design that creates the optimum space.
Grounded steel safety windows can not be accidental with the primary cable connection directly compressed breaker pulled.
Fluidized bed epoxy bus insulation has excellent trajectory and fire retardant properties for addition.
Set up components and help easy access.
Interruptions only require automatic checks for contact erosion, integral wear indicators provided, and not required, to reduce breaker maintenance.
The flexible rigid contact design used in the VCP-W circuit breaker removes the sliding / rolling contacts on the main conductor, which provides excellent electrical and thermal transfer for the long connection of the vacuum interrupter.

Specification of Medium Voltage Motor Control Center
Ampgard MV4S Soft Starter
Ampgard Remote Operator
Arc Resistant Ampgard
Protective Relays EMR-3000 and EMR-4000
Main Breaker Ampgard

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