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Neutral Grounding Resistor
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22 Mar 2020

Specification of

One method of grounding the Power Transformer is by using NGR. NGR is a prisoner mounted serially with. On the transformer before connecting to ground / ground. The purpose of NGR is to control the incoming pressure from the neutral to the ground. This is related to the Security Pattern of Secondary Power Transformer (Distribution System). For More Clearly Regarding the NGR Resistance Value Required Look At Explanation

There are two types of NGR, Liquid and Solid
1. Liquid
means the resistor uses a pure water solution accommodated in the vessel and added salt (NaCl) to obtain the desired resistance value
2. Solid
While the solid type NGR is made of Stainless Steel, FeCrAl, Cast Iron, Copper Nickel or Nichrome which is set according to the value of the prisoner.

NGR Prisoners
Neutral grounding resistors serve as current limiting in the transformer's neutral channel. In order for NGR to function according to its design it is necessary to ensure that the resistance value of the NGR is in accordance with its specifications and not damaged.

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