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Plate ASTM A 516 Grade 70
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Sell ​​Plate ASTM A 516 Grade 70

ASTM A 516 Grade 70 plate is a carbon steel plate which is usually used for making furnaces, boiler boilers and oil and gas tanks. ASTM A 516 Plate is a Pressure Vessel Plate or Boiler Plate which has the following properties:
- resistant to high temperature / heat
- resistant to pressure
- has tensile / stretching power
- strength is big enough
- more complete characteristics compared to other boiler plate types
- multifunctional plate
We sell ASTM A 516 Grade 70 plates at competitive prices with the following specifications:
- Thickness: 5 mm - 65 mm
- Size: 5 'x 20', 6 'x 20' (feet
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