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Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Supply
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Uninterruptible Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS is an electrical equipment whose main function is to provide additional power to certain parts of the computer, such as a monitor, CPU, Server or other parts necessary to obtain continuous power supply.

Protect electronic equipment from unstable current conditions, sudden death and so on. In areas where electrical habits are in force, electronic home appliances should use UPS devices to be more durable in use.
For those who use less stable current sources such as genset or diesel engines, you should use UPS equipment. Because it would be dangerous if the current suddenly rises or suddenly goes out of control. You may have seen some burning lights on the use of electronic equipment that does not use UPS or also often called a current stabilizer, stabilizer.

The UPS is capable of providing a back-up when suddenly the current source is off. Then electronic equipment can be turned off and do not die suddenly because it will be very dangerous condition of electronic equipment.
Especially for users of computers and servers, UPS equipment is needed. The back up data function of UPS equipment will help computer users and servers not lose the required data.
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