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PLAT JIS 3101 SS400
PLAT JIS 3101 SS400
PLAT JIS 3101 SS400
PLAT JIS 3101 SS400
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JIS 3101 SS400 Iron Plate is one type of material that is widely used in various industrial applications. It has structural JIS G3101 SS400 steel plate / sheet, JIS G3101 SS400 steel plate / sheet, under the JISG3101 standard, we can consider SS400 Plates / steel sheets for structural steel with general purpose. JIS G3101 SS400 is a technical shipping condition for general purpose structural steel. JIS G3101 SS400 is a type of sheet steel under JIS standard that is used to build ships, bridges, belonging to high strength sheets.

JIS G3101 SS400 is equivalent to DIN: St37-2, EN S235JR, ASTM: A283C and UNI: FE360B. SS400 JIS3101 Comparison of BS 4360 40 (A) B steel grades CSAG40-21 230 G IS IS 226 JIS 3106 SM 400 A ISO 630 Fe 360 ​​B ASTM A 36 / A 283 C Chemical Composition Class Chemical Composition,% weight C. max Si. max Mangan S. max S. max SS400 - - - 0.050 0.050 Mechnical Propertites Strength Class Results min. (MPa) Tensile Strength MPa Elongation min. % Impact of Resistance min. [J] Thickness < 16 mm Thickness ≥16mm Thickness < 5mm Thickness 5-16mm Thickness ≥16mm SS400 245 235 400-510 21 17 21 -

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